Delta Kalama

The area is one of the most important wetlands of our country with rich birds and this is why it attracts many visitors interested in aquatic birds. The starting point of the route we recommend is in Sagiada, in the main settlement of “Skaloma”, its small port. From there begins a dirt road leading directly to the Delta.



Gita (in the Dorian dialect of Gita) was one of the most important political, administrative and financial centers of Thesprotia in antiquity. The ruins of the city lie on the slope of Mount Brisellas in a magnificent landscape in many respects, surrounded for the most part by the river Kalamas (Thamis) which contributed most to the city’s financial independence. The founding of the city dates back to the second half of the 4th century. BC, although settlement in the area existed already in prehistoric times.

parko anapsixis perdikas

Perdika Amusement Park

The area of Perdika is a place favored by nature, endless olive groves, endless beaches with blue waters make it unique. Inside the park are home to many species of birds, fish that have all the care and care they deserve from Park officials. There are waterfalls and small bridges that cross the river as well as pedestrian paths with tree trunks.



It is located 8 km southwest of Perdika community. Fortified coastal settlement of late Classical and Hellenistic times. The unique archeological site overlooking the Ionian Sea and Karavostasi beach is a challenge for the visitor.


Raghi Tower

The only place to visit today in Thesprotia is 9 km northwest of the city of Igoumenitsa. It is a small castle on a small conical hill, built in the 16th century as an observatory of Turkish movements in the area.



Necromanteion (20 km from Parga), where according to ancient Greek mythology, Charon (boatman – guide to the dead) led souls through Lake Arrerussia to the underworld.


Ancient Nicopolis

Ancient Nicopolis, built by the Romans in 27 BC with its ancient theater and mosaics. It is 50 km from Parga and 7 km from the town of Preveza.


Springs of Acheron

The springs of the Acheron River, a magnificent area truly recognized internationally as a region of exceptional natural beauty.



A heroic and glorious village 73 km from Igoumenitsa. It is known for the struggles of the inhabitants against the Turks. Every year there are events and representations of the blast of Kougiou Monastery by Kalogeros Samuel.

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